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Where there is light, there is space. With the right lighting, a room can be completely transformed. Using lighting in the right way can transform a room optically. It can make any room appear warmer, finer and more spacious. Light creates emotion. Sunlight makes us cheerful and dimmed, warm light creates a romantic atmosphere. With contrast, decorative accents can be added to the interior that make a world of difference.

Lighting can make a small room look more spacious and a large room more cosy. The possibilities are endless. With our lamps and our advice you can change your home forever.

AROWONEN has chandeliers, floor lamps, desk lamps and wall lamps in all different styles in its range. Our lighting and furniture can also be made to measure. Everything to make your wishes come true. You can make various combinations of lamps and lampshades.

Besides the lighting, the furniture at AROWONEN can also be made to measure and to your taste. Our standard collection is carefully composed with the focus on elegant, exclusive and refined furniture. You can choose from all kinds of fabrics, colours and textiles. Luxury furniture can be very beautiful to enhance the interior, but can also be used as a beautiful eye-catcher. We can provide furniture that perfectly matches your interior, right down to the smallest detail.