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Get to know us

AROWONEN is an international interior & lifestyle company for designer homes, furniture and accessories. 
This family owned business with ladies in the lead has been at the very top of the game for almost a decade, offering a worldwide full service of premium lifestyle items as well as custom stylists and interior designers. 

The collection back then was inspired by the same muse as every collection since: our team’s unmatched talent to combine classic and modern styles that flawlessly create the feeling of a dream home.
With the perfect balance between high end and affordable items, we quickly became the go-to store for interior lovers in The Netherlands and far beyond.

We invite you to enjoy an inspirational in-store experience in our Flagship Furniture store in Rotterdam or in our Home Decoration store in Amsterdam. Where you can shop around yourself or get professional advice while you discover our collection of industry leading brands and partners as well as a touch of our own items and favorites.

Even more furniture and accessories can be found on our webshop, which delivers your choice of unique items anywhere in the world. We take great care in packaging, delivery and service towards our clientele, so your order is safe with us. 

Looking for some guidance? Let us introduce you to our professional styling and design departments, which have worked on some of the most amazing projects and homes across the globe. We take our time and use our signature style, experience and ways of working to add the finishing touch or create designs to make your vision come to life with great eye for detail.

Our collection doesn’t always make perfect sense, and that’s why we love it. We take pride in our originality and track record to always find what’s in style today and tomorrow. A home is not about predictable logic, it’s about the right feeling that you sometimes can’t even explain. With us you won’t have to, we’ll take care of that.

Hope to see you soon,